Back in July, I was approached by Parisa (pictured below in middle) to speak about working on her team for her upcoming endeavour.  It was obvious from the get-go that she was a businesswoman with a vision.  Once she signed me on to complete the first round of photos for her site,, we hit the ground running and produced hundreds of product photos for the website's launch.   Not only did Parisa and I have phenomenal work chemistry, our friendship grew rapidly, making working with her effortless and feel like anything BUT work. 

“The CURIIOS girl: most know her as powerhouse by day and party junkie by night”
— Parisa Zahedi, Founder -

In October 2014,  Parisa proudly introduced to the world with a launch party at The monOrchid Gallery in Downtown Phoenix.  As quoted from its site:   "CURIIOS is the online destination for any girl that is a fashion diva with a flare for success."   

Having just finished our third product shoot, I've been privileged to work with models such as Faith (featured above), and Alexandra Smith from The Agency Arizona.

 The simplicity of product photography, to me, is very refreshing.  Occasionally, if I feel like there are too many elements in a photo I am taking it can result in something overwhelming and cluttered.  Especially since clothing is being featured, I am greatful that Parisa and I both agreed upon keeping the background stark white to strictly focus on the garments.

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